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Nothing is more rewarding to us than to hear about - and proudly share -
how we have helped our Members transform their lives.

If ELITE Personalized Health has a trophy wall, then this page is it.

Given the personal nature of our business we remain committed to protecting the privacy of our valued Members.

The following statements are real quotes from real, written feedback offered to us by our clients.
The statistics are aggregated from all the questionnaires completed by our clients at the end of their ELITE Experience.

In Their Own Words

"I am superbly satisfied with my health coaching experience."

"Dr. Peña's education, knowledge and experience are priceless when it comes to discussing my health issues."

"Victor knows how to help you focus on improving your health trajectory.  You can tell he truly cares about you as a person and he has wonderful 'bedside manner.'"

"Victor was incredibly knowledgeable, and I think his expertise justified the cost."

"Working with ELITE Personalized Health was a most enjoyable experience & well worth the time and cost."

"I can’t again thank you enough for teaching me how to live a better life.  I am so hopeful to keep on the path of good health as I age."

"I feel much more confident about my future health, having gone through this process."

“All the strategies you’ve given me are very powerful!”

"It has been an eye-opening experience & a turning of the ship."

"Science-based & proven techniques applied to modifying lifestyle.  No guess work.  No fads or stunts."

"I felt like I was in a hole before I started this program.  I now feel physically so much better.  I feel well fed."

"[This program] has helped me take better ownership of my health."

"I wish I could give all my loved ones the gift of ELITE Personalized Health."

"I can honestly say that I have integrated this new way of thinking (about my eating patterns) and feel that it will affect the rest of my life in the most positive way!"

"My blood pressure has dramatically come down since I started the program and I am planning on asking my doctor to reduce or stop my medication."

“This program has reduced the anxiety I used to have when it came to food and eating.  I don’t have those bad feelings of guilt.”

“[This program] decluttered my brain because I used to have these thoughts and anxiety ALL the time.”

"Prior to this I knew I was doing mostly the right things and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong to make such little progress.  Now I feel so good, energetic, and even my clothes fit better!"

"The habits Victor has helped me put in place will help me stay on track & improve after the program ends."

"I feel more rested now than I felt for the last several years."

"[The most useful aspect was] the personalization of the services.  Victor took the time to understand me and my unique issues with health.  He provided me with small modifications that I could work easily into my life."

"I really appreciate your positive approach and the educational aspect of this program!  Thanks!"

"[Since my personalized program] I find that I have a lot more peace and quiet in my mind to focus on the most important things."

By The Numbers


of our ELITE Members are
"Highly satisfied."


would recommend us
to a friend or loved one.


rated us "Excellent in professionalism.


rated us "Excellent" in


rated us "Excellent" in
compassion, care, & flexibility.


rated us "Excellent" in
sincerity, support & reliability.


rated us "Excellent" in
credibility, unbias & impartiality.


rated us "Excellent" in
realistic & sustainable methods.


thought the cost of the ELITE Experience
was "About right."


rated us "Excellent" in
safe, natural & science-based methods.


rated us "Excellent" in
the personalization of their ELITE Experience.


rated us "Excellent" in effective, enjoyable & research-proven methods.

And more kind words...

"I have more time, I'm more productive, I'm more at ease and happier.  I am on a healthy road now.  I really appreciate it."

"Now that I've finished the program I feel it was extraordinary value to me."

"Victor helped me break through the plateau I was stuck at when the Program began."

"Just a note to check in and say THANK YOU for being who you are and for doing what you do!"

"The program helped me to implement what will hopefully be permanent improvements in my life that were personalized to my situation and needs and will therefore be more sustainable and worthwhile."

"Can't thank you enough Victor for making sense of the vast health information out there.  I feel I now have the tools to keep me eating healthily.  I don't have the guilt and then just-giving-up routine.  I can eat something that is not in my regular plan but I know that I will go back to my regular eating the next meal."

"The ELITE program is a great jumpstart of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle!"

"I've learned and enjoyed so much working with Victor that I rejoined the program again a few months later.  We focused on diet, calorie control, eating habits and added meditation."

"It was with the meditation that Victor strongly recommended and all the encouraging words he has related to me that helped me avoid a potential downward spiral of extreme anxiety & depression."

"[Victor is]... kind, patient, personable, super intelligent, eloquent, passionate about what he does and he really really cares about his clients."

"The ELITE Program has laid such a strong foundation in my understanding and mindset of a healthier lifestyle from all aspects that after it I feel I'm well equipped to carry on taking better care of my health and making smarter choices."

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