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Vision 2020 Wellness Retreats

Welcome to The Vision 2020 Wellness Retreat Series Portal

Dear Friends,

Welcome!  It is my pleasure to host the homepage to our Vision 2020 Wellness Retreat Series!

ELITE Personalized Health is the lifestyle medicine health coaching company I founded several years ago after I left my career as a surgeon.  My primary aim was, and still is, to not only prevent lifestyle-related diseases from destroying more lives, but to optimize the quality of life of as many people as possible.

I have teamed up with my friend Kara Sandoval, a fitness expert with over 20 years of experience and founder of Beyond The Gym, to bring you our truly unique vision of what a meaningful and fruitful wellness retreat should be.

This page is our central point of contact regarding our Wellness Retreats.  It is a por
tal for you to access all of the details and explore all the opportunities for personal growth and to positively impact our community.

Kara and I joined forces because we realized we shared the vision to raise the wellness retreat concept to an entirely new and personalized level that could also have a measurable impact on the the most vulnerable members of our local community.

Our vision is to transform the usual experience, from the typically brief escape from a hectic reality to squeeze in a few feel-good days, to a truly consequential and lasting change in our lifestyle choices with the aim to impact our own long-term health and lives, as well as of those less fortunate who surround us.

For this to happen we will give you the inspiration, the tools, information and support to make guide you to truly significant personal inspiration, growth, and the right lifestyle choices that last long after we've parted ways.

Welcome to our Vision 2020 Wellness Retreat Series!


Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo & Kara Sandoval

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Vision 2020 Wellness Retreat Series:

Finding Happiness Beyond Oneself

January 2020, Austin Texas

Learn.  Grow.  Give back.

Join us on our inaugural wellness retreat!

Discover some of the experiences you can expect to enjoy:

An exclusive & intimate gathering with <25 like-minded people
Massage by professional masseuses
Educational keynote talks by our hosts
Guided Yoga sessions & frequent stretch breaks
Inspiring & fast-paced presentations by guest speakers
Fire-side chats
An expert panel discussion
Opportunities to connect in spontaneous & meaningful ways
Delicious meals & healthy snacks
Calming nature walks
Interactive workshops
Time to relax, reflect & decompress
A unique chance to make a real difference in your community
Discuss uplifting ideas worth thinking about

Happiness Beyond Oneself...

Join us in giving back.

20% of all proceeds from this event will be directly donated to local and carefully-vetted charities serving women, children, and animals in need.

Joining us on this Retreat you will not only be investing in your health and personal growth.
You will also be making a positive and measurable impact on the Austin community.

Let's elevate your wellness retreat experience.

We'd love to hear from you.

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Vision 2020: Wellness With A Conscience