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Forward Motion has partnered with Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo's to bring you

a holistic lifestyle transformation experience... FREE.

Forward Motion's Immediate COVID-19 Complimentary Offerings

The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of our daily lives.

 However, we remain committed to bringing you the best health & fitness offerings as seamlessly as possible.

This is why we have fast-tracked the most exciting plans we had in the pipeline!

Forward Motion is proud to offer every current Member, at no additional charge:

Complete Health Questionnaire

  • A crucial exercise to document and reassess your background, strengths, current state of health, motivations, and specific health goals.
  • This will be closely studied by Dr. Victor Peña prior to your private video conference.

Private, Live, Online Wellness Consultation

  • A 30-minute, private, face-to-face video consultation with your personal health coach, Dr. Peña, to explore your current health needs and define your health & fitness goals in these uncertain times.

Unlimited Access to Daily, Live, Online Training Sessions

  • Join your favorite Forward Motion Expert Personal Trainers for the workouts that you know and enjoy, live on Facebook Live!
  • Multiple daily sessions, six days a week.
  • For more details, visit our our Facebook page.

Precision Nutrition's Transformative ProCoach Program

Complete, complimentary access to our science-based, ProCoach Program!* (A $1,200/year value)

Check out some of the unique features in the ProCoach program:

  • Small, steady lifestyle modifications that add up to remarkable & lasting improvements to your health.
  • An integrated & systematic approach to optimizing your eating habits, one day at a time.
  • Real-time tracking of your progress by your personal health coach, Dr. Peña, who is available to you for support & guidance.
  • Scientifically-proven, habit-based strategies shown to have radically improved the health of 10,000's of past Precision Nutrition clients.
  • The necessary time to focus on and implement each & every lifestyle habit in turn (two weeks per habit).
  • Daily, structured, bite-sized lessons guide you to implement practical skills shown to optimize your long-term health.
  • An intuitive & convenient user interphase that makes getting healthy easier.
  • Everything you need to document your progress throughout your transformational journey is in one online place.
  • All the knowledge, tools, and skills you will need to reshape every aspect of your lifestyle including, hydration, sleeping habits, mind frame, trouble-shooting, and not just nutrition but also your relationship with food.
  • There is - literally - nothing else out there like Precision Nutrition's ProCoach online program.
* We guarantee your risk-free, no-obligation, complimentary access to ProCoach for as long as out brick & mortar facilities remain closed for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic-related quarantine.  Although we intend to continue to bring you this very special & valuable opportunity free-of-charge, we are cognizant of the unpredictability of our current situation.  Our hope is that you will be able to continue to enjoy this extraordinary and transformative, year-long program, on us.

Remember, if you are currently a Forward Motion Member then you already have full access to everything listed above.

It is our way of saying "Thank you" for entrusting us with your health & fitness.