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ELITE Pro: Employee Wellness

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Bring our exclusive & personalized health coaching services to your invaluable employees.

We'll promote & implement innovative and cost-effective initiatives that improve,
not only your emplloyees' productivity, but also their job satisfaction & overall quality of life.

The Bad News:

  • 66% of American workers are overweight & 33% are obese (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).
  • Employers report paying 42% higher healthcare costs for overweight employees (U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, A Workplace Obesity Prevention Program).
  • Obesity alone costs employers almost $2,500 per employee per year, including direct medical expenditures and absenteeism. (Finkelstein E., et al "The costs of obesity among full-time employees." Am J Health Promot. 2005. Sep-Oct; 20(1):45-51).
  • 67% of employers say poor employee health habits are a top challenge in maintaining affordable coverage. ("More Employers Eye Changes to Health Benefits to Control Costs, Improve Worker Health Behavior," 2010, National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson Survey.
  • Workers with chronic disease  cost up to four times more in health insurance expenses than healthy individuals. ("A Review of the Workplace Wellness Market," 2012, by Rand Health, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

The Good News:

  • 78% of chronic diseases are preventable with lifestyle modification  (EPIC-Potsdam Study of 23,153 individuals, 2009).
  • Preventive interventions are more effective in fighting obesity when supported and implemented where people spend significant portions of their time (such as the workplace). (Trust for America’s Health & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Obesity Prevention Inside and Outside the Doctor’s Office. Updated 2014).
  • Effective workplace health-promotion programs can lower healthcare costs for both employers and employees while helping to improve overall quality of life in the work environment. (The American Council on Exercise, 2015).
  • A wellness program can reduce unscheduled absences by 56% and reduce monthly claim costs by an average of $53 per employee. (Wellness Programs: More than a ‘nice to have’, FierceHealthPayer, May 2014).
  • Nearly half of all employers who’ve instituted workplace wellness programs report cost savings. (The American Council on Exercise, 2015).

What a well-designed wellness program can accomplish:

What ELITE Pro can offer your employees:

ELITE Pro offers your company a boutique workplace wellness solution with a uniquely personal touch: Your company’s own professional health coach.
We match your company’s core values of treating each employee, not just as an invaluable resource to the company, but as a unique individual with wellness needs worth investing in.  ELITE brings you fully customized, cost-saving solutions to today’s employee wellness challenges.

Please contact us to receive a complete Executive Brief and book a Complimentary, in-person or online consultation with Dr. Peña to discuss your company's unique needs.